Early printed books of the National archive – the Castle Library of the Waldstein family in the Doksy Chateau

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The digitisation of the National Archive collections continued by providing access to nine early printed books from the Waldstein Castle Library in the Doksy Chateau. They are all related to the events of the Thirty Year’s War, but they were printed in a broader time range (1629–1650) and in diverse lands (Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, England and Spain).

List of documents

Copia di lettera scritta da Viena li 2. Marzo 1634Knih.Vald. A 16; Národní archiv, knihovna; Praha; Česko
Everhard Wassenbergh: Duytsche FlorusKnih.Vald. A 29; Národní archiv, knihovna; Praha; Česko

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