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The National Museum Library digitised five volumes in 2019. Four medieval manuscripts went through the library of the Augustinian canonry in Roudnice nad Labem, but most of them are of foreign origin: they include an older Italian Bible (XVI A 5), a manuscript comprising the first part of the work of Bartholomew of Urbino Milleloquium sancti Ambrosii, which probably comes from Italy as well (XV A 4), and a codex written in France, containing Biblical concordances of the Bible by Hugh of Saint-Cher (XVI A 4); the missal XVI A 10 from the third quarter of the 14th century is of Czech origin. The last manuscript is the Czech Didactics by John Amos Comenius, a copy made around 1630 with Comenius’s handwritten changes and notes (II B 8).


List of documents

Hugo de Sancto Caro: Concordantia bibliaeXVI A 4; Knihovna Národního muzea; Praha; Česko
MissaleXVI A 10; Knihovna Národního muzea; Praha; Česko
Bartholomaeus de Urbino: Milleloquium sancti Ambrosii (Ambrosianum), parsXV A 4; Knihovna Národního muzea; Praha; Česko
Jan Amos Komenský: Didaktika českáII B 8; Knihovna Národního muzea; Praha; Česko

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