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The National Library of Medicine in Prague digitised in 2021 three documents, including one manuscript and two printed books. The manuscript (shelf mark T 468) was copied in 1819 and contains a collection of recipes and advice on the treatment of specific diseases, bloodletting, the effects of particular medical preparations, etc. The collection Scriptorum Latinorum de aneurysmatibus collectio (T 139), edited by Thomas Lauth, was printed in Strasbourg in 1785, whereas Dissertatio inauguralis medica sistens tentamen historiae medicinae by František Sazyma (D 312) comes from the Prague printing workshop of František Jeřábek from 1814.


List of documents

[Lékařský sborník]T 468; Národní lékařská knihovna Praha; Praha; Česko
Thomas Lauth: Scriptorum Latinorum de aneurysmatibus collectioT 139; Národní lékařská knihovna Praha; Praha; Česko

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